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Fire Sprinkler 3-way valve, Bronze, 1/4"



Fire Sprinkler 3-way valve, Bronze, 1/4" , for use with air or water gauges.  Bronze Three Way Gauge Valve is used to facilitate the installation of sprinkler system gauges. The 1/4" NPT threaded valve has one inlet and two outlets. This valve allows replacement of the gauge without having to shut off the system water supply. It also allows the AHJ to test the system pressure through the second outlet with an additional gauge (the second outlet is normally plugged at installation).


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Swift Fire Protection is a leading supplier of fire sprinkler heads, fire sprinkler head guards, fire sprinkler valves, fire sprinkler line testers, fire sprinkler gauges, and  escutheons for fire sprinkler systems. We carry many types of sprinkler heads including bulb sprinkler heads, upright fire sprinkler heads, pendent fire sprinkler heads and side wall sprinkler heads in bronze, chrome or white. Our Globe fire sprinkler heads are direct replacements for popular brands of fire sprinklers. 

We have residential fire sprinkler heads, commercial fire sprinkler heads, and industrial fire sprinkler heads, k factor rated fire sprinkler heads and automatic fire sprinkler heads. Check our on-line sprinkler head store for photos of fire rated sprinkler heads, temperature ratings for 1/2" sprinkler systems and 3/4" sprinkler systems. If you do not know what type of sprinkler head you have, call us and we will assist you to identify the sprinkler head for your fire prevention or fire suppression system.  Swift Fire Protection also carries sprinkler head guards, sprinkler head wire cages, sprinkler head storage boxes, regular escutcheons, and recessed escutcheons from Brooks Equipment and Brecco Corporation. Our sprinkler head cages and sprinkler head guards help make the fire suppression system more vandal resistant and accident resistant.

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