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5 Fire Safety Essentials For Home or Business

Fire Safety is a top priority for any home or business and some of the most important products are very common, inexpensive, but often overlooked or out of date. Don't wait - make sure these fire safety essentials are available and working properly in your home and business.

1.  Fire extinguishers - Every home or business should have a few ABC Fire Extinguishers readily available and operating properly.  ABC fire extinguishers are multi-use fire extinguishers used for most fires.  They usually contain some sort of CO2 powder to extinguish the fire.  Specialized fire extinguishers like the StoveTop FireStop can also be a great idea for home kitchens, and commercial kitchens are required to have special fire suppression systems that must be inspected and certified by your local Fire Marshal.


2.  Smoke Alarms - Smoke alarms are a must in any residential or commercial area where people live or work.  Smoke alarms are one of your first warnings of a fire, but they must be checked often and batteries must be replaced regularly.  Smoke alarms will usually have a test button on them and will also start a beeping sound when batteries are weak.  Test your smoke alarms regularly and replace them as needed.  If you can not afford a smoke alarm, call your fire department.  Most local fire departments provide smoke alarms for homes and apartments free of charge for those who can not afford to buy one.

StoveTop FireStop3.  StoveTop FireStop - StoveTop FireStop is a simple automatic fire extinguisher that extinguishes kitchen range fires. The StoveTop FireStop Fire Suppressor is about the size of a small can of tuna (3 1/2 in. diameter, 2 in. deep). The cylinder attaches to the underside of a range hood by means of a built in magnet above the burner surface between burners. No tools are needed for installation.  The StoveTop FireStop suppressor contains 9 ounces of harmless fire extinguishing powder. It releases the powder when activated by direct contact with a flame to automatically put out an unattended cooking fire. More StoveTop FireStop information and video here.

4.  Fire Sprinkler Systems - Fire sprinkler systems are common for businesses but they can be a life saver in your home too.  A sprinkler system is a good idea and affordable when a home is being built, but may take some extra engineering by a professional to add a residential sprinkler system to an existing home. A residential sprinkler system can save your life and extinguish a fire before it consumes your entire home. Most apartment buildings have sprinkler systems, but it is a good idea to make sure the system is operational.  Check with your building manager to make sure your system is checked regularly. 

5.  Fire Plan - A fire plan is free but it is essential for a home with kids or elderly adults.  Along with that plan, you must practice it so everyone know how to escape, where to gather and the responsibility of each person.  If you need help with the fire plan, call your local fire department.  A fire plan may be the most important tip of all.  The plan can prevent panic and help everyone escape safely if it is put in to place and practiced regularly.


Swift Fire Protection

Swift Fire Protection has is a great resource for fire protection equipment and certified fire safety inspections.  We will be happy to assist you in any way we can so do not hesitate to call us. 

Our fire protection services  include , but are not limited to, extinguisher refilling, recharging, and exchange; fire extinguisher training; on-site recharging; and fire schools and safety inspections.  Swift Fire Protection is fully licensed and  insured for your protection and peace of mind. Our personnel are friendly, courteous, prompt, and have the expertise to do the job right.  We take pride in our personalized service and all of our work is fully guaranteed.

Swift Fire Protection, Inc. provides Nationwide Fire Protection Equipment Sales and services Northeastern Georgia and Western South Carolina, but can assist you regardless of your location.  Our normal business hours are Monday-Friday, 8AM to 5PM Eastern Time.  Please call us at 706-283-8459 or FAX us at 706-283-0757.  You may also contact us via e-mail at .


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