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StoveTop FireStop Atomatic fire extinguisher
attaches magnetically under the vent hood

Swift Fire Protection, Inc. is happy to introduce the StoveTop FireStop automatic fire extinguisher. StoveTop FireStop has been America's leading automatic stovetop fire extinguisher for over 25 years.  Stove Top Fire Stop is installed in homes, apartment complexes, military bases, campus housing, fire stations and is under millions of kitchen vent hoods, providing 24 hour, seven-day-a-week protection against stovetop fires.  Please call us at 706-283-8459 or FAX us at 706-283-0757.  You may also contact us via e-mail at swiftfire@elberton.net.

StoveTop FireStop StoveTop FireStop is a 12-ounce automatic fire extinguisher that attaches magnetically under the vent hood over a stovetop. When a stovetop fire occurs and the flame reaches the StoveTop FireStop, the fire suppressing powder is automatically released onto the fire. StoveTop FireStop has a five year shelf life, deploys in seconds and reacts automatically when flames reach its actuation device. 
 Watch StoveTop FireStop Demo Video  


For Vent hoods $46.00 per pair, Order on-line
Call for quantity discount prices, 706-283-8459.



stovetoppic200   stovetoppic3200



Up to now, a practical automatic safeguard has not been available. Home owners, managers or occupants could only hope that all residents practiced good fire -prevention measures.  The StoveTop FireStop (sometimes call Range Queen) changes the whole picture. It's automatic. It's laboratory tested. It gives you a degree of automatic safety you've never had before.

StoveTop FireStop Fire Extinguishers are incredibly simple. Here's how it works:

The StoveTop FireStop Fire Extinguisher is about the size of a small can of tuna (3 1/2 in. diameter, 2 in. deep).

The cylinder attaches to the inside of a range hood by means of a built in magnet above burner surface between burners. The magnet attachment swivels to make it always hang even. No tools are needed for installation.

The extinguisher contains 8 ounces of harmless fire extinguishing powder (93% sodium bicarbonate). It also contains a simple heat-sensitive triggering device. When the heat-sensing actuator is triggered (by direct flame or by heat exceeding 310 degrees F) it peels open the pre-scored surface on the "down" end of the cylinder. The fire-extinguishing powder flows through the openings of the cylinder and lands on the flame directly below. Sold in pairs, the overage is such that one extinguisher will guard two burners.


    No risking your safety by fumbling with a fire extinguisher as flames race higher. StoveTop FireStop works automatically 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


    Senses a fire and releases its smothering agent onto the flames without putting yourself or your family in harm's way by having to operate a fire extinguisher.


    Other systems that perform similarly to StoveTop FireStop cost hundreds of dollars to install and require regular maintenance.


    Requires no maintenance. Simply replace every five years.


    Uses harmless but effective bicarbonate of soda as a smothering agent.

    Easily installed

    Simply attach the magnet to the underside of your vent hood.


    Emits a 146dB sound upon releasing the smothering agent.


StoveTop FireStop Plus®

The StoveTop FireStop Plus is the new and improved version of the StoveTop FireStop Kitchen Fire Suppressor.  It has improved response, improved dispersal of retardant, increased capacity and even better looks to complement your kitchen.  Of course it has been tested and is UL approved.  For even more protection against kitchen stove fires, choose the StoveTop FireStop Plus.

Purchase in pairs or 5-pair case lots here





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